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Voyotov, it has never been my intention to lead anyone in the wrong direction.

I cannot comment on Ryanair as I have not performed any sim assessments for them, you obviously have lots more experience than I do with Ryanair.
The companies I do assessments for with cadets, have a different criteria, this is not a comment against Ryanair, they have some of the best training in the business, its their toy set they make the rules.

If they want a DODAR and a NITS brief, then use a structured brief, the whole point is it will aid you.

I have written a very detailed synopsis of a DODAR and NITS, on page 441 post number 8806.

I suggest as someone who does this for a living, that you and others study the structure and learn from it.
You want to be a professional then be one, it is process driven, there is no need to rush it.
The Examiner is not there to catch you out, nor are they looking for perfection, be professional, clam and relaxed and you will be fine.
Good luck with your endeavours.
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