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Originally Posted by Black Crow View Post
This airline is in a third world country where doctors make roughly P50,000/month and a lawyer about the same. High poverty rate and high unemployment rate. So to a local, a job where they can make P200,000+ a month is golden, even though the working conditions are poor.

Also remember it's very difficult for a local to pay for the training to even get in the door, hence why CP must depend upon expats to fill in the work force. But CP thinks expats will put up with the same poor working conditions of the locals, and there is the major flaw and why there is a revolving door of pilot hiring.

Another huge problem is CP's middle managers which are locals. These are lackey's who are impressed with titles and possess no abilities to actually manage. They think management means to use fear and intimidation. Truly the blind leading the blind.
it s exactly the reality. CP use the fear, intimidation, HR are totally dishonest.
Run away to this company is the better decision.
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