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Originally Posted by filthy rich View Post
No news is good news. I dont think anything will happen before Easter now. Good thing is that we haven't got a rejection so we still in it!!! 💪👍👊
Definitely! I also still haven't heard anything since the questionnaire but at this point in time no news is good news, I can imagine though when I do see an email from Qantas my heart is going to miss a beat thinking whether or not its a no or pass to the next round T__T lol!!

I have to agree with the other post that the anticipation is also killing me also haha!

Im wishing the very best for all of us, wherever you guys are in Australia.
Im watching and reading from the background but hoping for the best for all of us.
its nice to find a place where we can kinda talk to one another with people who are going through the same thing

I will also keep my journey updated if anything comes up! (currently going back to the gym to loose a few more kg lol!! oh also im getting ready for that swim test that we also have to do if we get through)
Hope everyone has a safe Easter and eat lots of yummy chocolate )
and drive safely!
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