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Originally Posted by S-Works View Post

Capability or shall we say pure ability is not everything. CPL training helps people form better decision making processes. Generally its PPLs who think they are superior that think a CPL is not needed to do Commercial flying tasks and are usually the same people who will complain that the exams and the training are too much hard work/overkill/waste of time etc.......
And quite a few of said CPLs are quite willing to fly Dodgy charters too. Decision making isn't limited just to PPLs either.
I would suggest that ones career and training, whether it be in Aviation or not steers us into good and not so good decisions.

Making a PPL/CPL a director of a company involved in renting Aircraft, so that he can rent on shared costs, then get profits from the Company is also legal. So PPL rents aircraft from Company at 350 an hour. Cost shares and pays 10 an hour towards flying with the passengers on a shared basis. Flies 2 hrs. 700 to Company. Pilot as director gets 220, 200 profit for a PPL.

Is this more or less correct?
If so, is it it "right"
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