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Originally Posted by DOUBLE BOGEY View Post
Landing with so little???? 80kgs is more than the VFR FRF.
Are we not nit picking? Using your 80kgs and the averged 3.3kg/min consumption at the point it fell through a roof, and that roof was a distance away from the planned landing site and absolutely no margin for any precautionary night.

You can make general points at the margin but fundementally you know how much fuel has been uplifted and the watch gives you the rest. If your SOPs and crew allow you to operate such that a couple of dozen kgs of fuel make the difference it hardly seems logical that this same crew are not then super attentive to all of the information presented to them around fuel including where that fuel is.
That will not be answered because all are dead but what can be is the acceptance or otherwise of the fuel management process. I doubt very much that a similarly operated aircraft could crash with similarly low levels of fuel remaining as far away from its base today, which suggests SOPs will have been revised, suggesting the process that allowed this situation to occur was flawed.
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