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Originally Posted by RevMan2 View Post
Yeah, but the fourth of May * does* exist and it’s commonly known as Star Wars Day
PS there's the classic non-apocryphal tale of George Lucas’ interview on German TV which he concludes by turning to the camera and saying “May the force be with you”, converted by the simultaneous translator to “Ich werde am 4. Mai bei Ihnen sein” - (“I”ll be with you on 4 May”)
True stories of this quality are rare and should be treasured...
Hmmm. Personally, I think Alec Guinness made that line famous - his likeness should be on on the aircraft.
Then again, talk like a pirate day is Sept 19th. Wonder what airline could pick up the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' motif?
Heck, we have Shamu flying all over he US and Norwegian has Sonja Henie on the tail of one AC. Why stop now?
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