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Question Bored of the norm?

No, not Norm from Cheers - in fact his greetings were the BEST!

I wonder if I've been to too many conferences, I've seen too many movies but the expectations of life and events is so boring and predictable, is it because the older you get the more experience you have? Some examples;

1. Conference formats : the beginning of each session the speaker summarises the previous session with some "insights" and says how good everything was. They discuss what's coming up next and then talks away. Boring as hell - mix it up people, and keep us engaged.
2. Movies - all use the same tried and true formula from kids movies (Hero, heroine, funny awkward friend (e.g. Shrek, Madacascar, etc.)) or good guy perseveres against all odds with the expected 1-3 twists during the movie
3. Presentations: Either death by powerpoint or death by funny picture

I dunno what I'm asking, but, the older I get, the more I predict these things which while some things are informative and entertaining, can be somewhat boring.

What would you do differently? A different movie plot (hero dies 3 mins into the action, the movie is 18 mins long?), a different presentation style (not a ted talk?) a different conference setup

Save us (me) from boredom!
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