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Originally Posted by pilotbekesi View Post
Hi all,

I am finishing ATPL in a month and I am looking into MCC\MCC ATS corses.
Im 28 years old and I have 450TT and a season as a tug pilot in UK thats worth mentioning as an experience on my CV.
My primary target is Ryanair for number of reasons.
For MCC ATS thats what they say as we see
  • Will be given preference during selection
  • Will be at a distinct advantage in the interview and assessment process

But I find it a bit pricy compare to a "regular" MCC.
How much do you guys know about this distinct advantage as they say?
Can I still get a call from them if i do only MCC?

The APS course is more complete, because there is a little test at the end, and you will do 40h instead of 28.
So, the course itself is better in terms of preparation, but I'm my opinion there's no difference for Ryr.
If they want to take you, they will, otherwise they won't.

If you have any doubts for the APS, the traditional MCC/JOC is absolutely still good for everyone.
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