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"New software and a “lead change manager” on $160k?? Sorry CASA, to handle that job will cost you $350k++. Nobody skilled enough to do that job will get out of bed for $140k.
Sounds to me that CASA woefully underestimates the difficulties of “service delivery transformation” - probably aided and abetted by the software supplier."

Unlikely - more likely is that to fit this manager into their Govt approved pay structure that's all they can pay them . Pay them more (eg a market rate) and the whole pyramid would have to be re-jigged , costs would shoot up and Politicians (and many on here) would bemoan "nest feathering public servants". Same all over the world - public bodies don't pay market rates - and so they tend to be staffed by the less ambitious, the less well trained and the time-servers. The only place I know that even tries to pay market rates for civil service jobs is Singapore.

As for complaining about CASA - don't come on here - you need to bend the ear of politicians and journalists - a bit of TV or newspaper coverage will have far more effect than 20,000 letters from pilots
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