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Originally Posted by jack11111 View Post
Is there any early word how the fine pipe organs survived or not?
Glad nobody was killed!
Sadly Jack unfortunately according to media reports this AM the main pipe organ is believed to be badly damaged.

AL 1: 10 minutes after posting the above one of the Paris deputy Mayors announced that the big/main organ was in a "good state". (source BFM TV)

The few TV images I've seen so far show that surprisingly (?) at least a few parts of the structure and furnishings at ground level appear to be superficially intact but water damaged. Large sections of the vaulted ceiling are also still in place.

Not sure if this link to Le Figaro will work overseas but will paste it anyway - there are some images taken inside the cathedral whilst fire fighting was still taking place in the 08:13 report:

As an aside, with regard to some of the inevitable schoolboy comments posted earlier that seem to always pop up when anything involving the French and bravery is concerned are involved, here's some footage of the Sapeur-Pompiers at work from an apartment block fire in Paris earlier this year..

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