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Yes, all you have to do is just pay the fees.

No, that's not possible because Implementation Procedure explicitly states that any license and rating issued by TC on the basis of foreign license are not eligible for transfer to FAA. They must be TC original issue license and ratings.

Originally Posted by xrounderpilot View Post
Thanks for the info guys,

i got a question if anyone can help

i got a FAA license , the rating on it is 737
I am rated on 747 and 777 and 787 on my foreign license from the Middle East
as far as I know , I need to go thru a reduced course in pan-am to put these rating on my FAA license.
but itís going to cost me a bomb!

Now its its I convert my FAA to Canadian license. Can I easily put all my other rating into the Canadian license without any training?

and subsequently, if itís possible.to put all those rating back to FAA license

thank you for the advice in advance

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