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I am very satisfied with Goldwings Flight Academy in Warszawa. The school got a fleet of 3x AT3, 3x C152, 3x C172, 1x Piper Seneca III (ME) and 1x Diamond DA-42 (ME) they have also ordered more AT3s but you are free to choose what you like better (I prefer Cessna even without the glass cockpit (AT3 got glass) ). As for the school itself you have to know stuff for the lessons (its not one where you can just pass all exercises and fly solo (or hour building if you already have a PPL(A) from some other place you have to do a KTP with an instructor to show how you fly) without knowing anything or handling the plane properly. And getting frustrated does not help risks are not taken so its a school for people who really want to learn). The atmosphere at the school is friendly and people like joking so it may not be perfect for very "stiff" people who take jokes seriously or understand them as insults. But its perfect if you like to have fun and learn as much as possible. The school even got now a HQ with complete rooms (with personal bathroom) for rent if someone is from abroad and do not wish to rent their own flat in Poland.

I do also know some people are satisfied with other schools at EPBC so you can visit all of them if you choose to visit Warszawa and see what kind of aircraft and atmosphere at the school you prefer. As for progress you can do it faster at the school than at an integrated course if you pass the ATPL theory quickly (I started in January 2018 and I will probably be done with all ratings + FI this year if I manage to pass last 6 ATPL theory exams in May and June sessions).

PM me if you got any more questions.
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