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OAP, pray tell why my last sentence is incorrect? Who asserted that the Germans had no need to counter the mosquito? I didn't. The fact is that the mosquito even in the LNSF was seen more as a nuisance, depriving sleep to the population and keeping the defences alert. Window had a brief period of success during the Battle of Hamburg, after that the German defences recovered, because they adapted to the threat. Bomber Command suffered horrendous losses in the winter of 43/44 and those losses very nearly broke it. Schrage Musik took a terrible toll and no one knew anything about it. Further, when you have 700+ bombers all going to the same target, once the nightfighter is 'in the stream', then they have the advantage, no matter what speed the bomber is travelling at. The Germans were the premier nightfighters of WW2. Why? Because they had the most experience and opportunities presented themselves on an almost nightly basis.
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