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Originally Posted by Blythy View Post
I understand from the D-AXLA report that the A320 compares the AOA readings during level flight to Attitude, but it does nothing with the data except alert maintenance, not the crew.

Would it be possible to generate a dynamic sanity check figure to compare against the AOA sensor readings to determine if an AOA sensor should be ignored?
Entirely possible - I believe 787 (and 777?) does exactly that, since only has 2 physical AOA sensors.

Retrofitting 787 ADIRU (if that is where that function is, I think probably) into a 737 is left as an exercise for the reader.

Deciding whether it would be cheaper to do that than have two crashes and a long grounding is left as an exercise for the accountant, with the note that the exercise is purely academic since crossing fingers behind back and saying "it'll never happen" is always going to be the cheaper choice.
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