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I understand from the D-AXLA report that the A320 compares the AOA readings during level flight to Attitude, but it does nothing with the data except alert maintenance, not the crew.

section 1.6.11:
In straight and level flight, when the Mach greater than 0.75, a comparison between the attitude and the aeroplane angle of attack is made by each ADIRU. A class 3 maintenance message(10) is generated if the difference between these two parameters exceeds 0.6 of a degree.
Would it be possible to generate a dynamic sanity check figure to compare against the AOA sensor readings to determine if an AOA sensor should be ignored?

I'm thinking using Ground Speed and vertical speed to generate a velocity vector, and then comparing that to attitude to generate a ballpark AOA with a tolerance - if the measured AOA is outside of tolerance, disregard the sensor reading as spurious.
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