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I don't know if things are different in France, but I am truly surprised at the lack of preparedness for this catastrophic event. With a longstanding interest in old organs and old cathedrals, I've climbed about in the roof structure of a number of them, whenever such visiting is open to touring. In every one I've seen there are incredible fire precautions. Extinguishers, often standpipes, strict rules regarding anything that might start a fire. Lincoln Cathedral is a prime example.

When you look up, the vault you see is either stone or plaster, but the actual supporting structure and roof is a maze of massive wooden beams, for which all of the forests of medieval Europe were cut down. Once established, there is no stopping a fire.

Nevertheless, once would think that Paris had a pre-planned protocol to fight such a fire, and access to equipment to do the job. Sadly, that does not seem to be the case.

Reconstruction, if it ever takes place, will take decades.
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