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Originally Posted by Lt. Kije View Post
Okay, so no worries there. However, I have some serious questions and staying with my cushy gig is not an option; it has been pronounced terminal and will die on August 1st.
So I need to find another one. Here are my questions and I would appreciate answers, preferably from people who have been there:
  • Is previous experience credited when hiring? Or does everyone start at the lowest rung? I've got about 4,600 hours in helicopters, twins, singles, flying medical, troops, I Joe Nobody if I take up with Era?
  • I've flown AS350's, EC135's, BO105's and some other things that aren't in the Era fleet. Would I start with them in one of those?
  • How many helicopters per base, generally?
  • Is bidding for advancement out of the pool a paper exercise? Or do they want to see you and count the eyes, or something?
  • What are the quarters really like? Can I leave stuff there or do I have to pack out at the end of every hitch?
  • What am I not asking that your experience says I should?
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