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Originally Posted by WingNut60 View Post
But standing in the middle of a 1,000 hectare open pit mine it is hard to see the need.
Where are you Chicken Licken?
I agree the immediate need may not be apparent, but speaking as someone who deals with safety on a daily basis and has to enforce these sort of rules, in most instances the simpler the rules the better. For example, we had a couple of workplaces that were up a six metre ladder. If you are up the ladder you are supposed to put bunting around the area below the workplace so that people don't wander under you working on the off chance you drop something on them. To go up the ladder you had to have working at heights gear, and wear a safety helmet. Once up the ladder you had nothing above you, but when you get into the cramped equipment lockers there was a chance you would bump into something with your head with the safety helmet on.

The rules started simple, you don't go through the bunting ad you don't go up the ladder without a helmet. Then one day the bunting was close to the bottom of the ladder and someone was spotted nipping under the bunting and into the shed the ladder is mounted on. The argument was "but it was only a couple of feet and they were working round the other side of the platform...." So now the rule is you move the bunting back and wear a helmet if you are inside the bunting but not on the platform.

Then someone on the platform crawled under a piece of equipment, stood up and almost scalped themselves. Now the rule is you wear a hard hat anywhere inside the bunting.....

The problem is that if you start caveats or exemptions on rules, someone will misinterpret the rules, or just play the "yes but I wasn't doing that" card. Currently the rule stands at "you go outside the office building, you wear a safety helmet" because no one has yet found a way around that.

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