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Originally Posted by fireflybob View Post
I agree with Worrals in the wilds - am not against wearing high viz when prudent to do so but this "nanny knows best" and the "jobsworth" enforcing it the way they do is what gets to me! As one who has been walking around aircraft ramps for circa 45 years now I think I probably know how to go about it!
Agree completely. It is all "lowest common denominator" stuff.
If we tell you that you must wear PPE at all times then it increases the probability that you will be wearing something half-ways appropriate at the time that the sky falls in.
Common-sense ? You can toss that one straight out of the window.

Speaking of which, my pet dislike is the edict (law) to wear safety helmets at all times when in an operating mine.
This one, sensibly, comes straight out of base requirements for underground mines.

But standing in the middle of a 1,000 hectare open pit mine it is hard to see the need.
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