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+1 here.
I used their offer to enjoy a new “lifetime” subscription as my MAC warns me MCCPilotlog will not work with the next OS.
The migration worked, but everything after has been nothing short of a disaster. The ios apps won’t download the complete database/flight records. The OS app:
- does not accept new flights due to some weird off block/take off time calculator,
- does not import from flights the airline portal within the date frame requested
- pilot names ar not recognized from the database, therefore adding new pilots
- tail numbers are not recognized
- existing flights are not recognized, therefore the new import just puts the records next to them
- after deleting double entries, a re-start of the application is required to show the updated list of records
-.. this is after 1 day of trying everything.

As the new OS app requires you to install some newer version of a framework, MCC Pilotlog will not work anymore. Now looking if I can revert this.

My tip to MCC Pilotlog users who are happy and don’t mind a gamble: keep using the old app, purchase the new one using their offer and wait.
Wait until MCCpilotlog doesn’t work anymore while giving these guys some time to figure out their mess. Hopefully they have all fixed by the time the “old” MCC actually doesn’t work anymore. I’m pretty sure they’ll fix it, but as their support ticketing system replies:
Our goal is to reply back to you within 48 hours. However, with the release of our new platform CrewLounge AERO, the number of tickets is extremely high. It may take up to 7 days before we can reply to your question. Please bear with us while we work as hard as we can !

I arrived at the point where I even wouldn’t mind paying for logten pro, but then that one will probably provide it’s own set of problems when transferring old data so I’ll just give them some time.
For new users it’s better to wait in any case..

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