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Looking for facts and added info if possible.

Good day folks. I would like to recount a story as I remember it told to me and then ask for confirmation on facts. This story was told to me by my grandfather when I was a young teen. So my details may well be off. My grandfather was a Canadian tailgunner on a Lancaster fighting out of England. He used the words "Wireless/Wareless Airwolf". I am not sure if that was a description or the planes name. He claimed that 12 Lancasters were retrofitted with .50 cals. Others had been attempted but were rattling the turrets apart. His was apparently reinforced to accommodate this issue. I actually own one of the .50 rounds that has been rendered useless and the lead put back in. It is dated but I cannot remember the date at this time. My grandfather and crew made it through the war and were headed home to Canada. Over Canadian waters a U-Boat unaware the war was over shot them down. They apparently crashed on Canadian soil. Either Newfoundland Or Nova Scotia. My grandfather was the only survivor. He ended up in Halifax for one year recovering from 72 broken bones. (I am assuming Pier 21.) If you have any questions I would like to try to answer them. I do not know what squadron. I do know my brother posses a handful of declassified photos where submarines had had hits taken. I am assuming from my grandfathers plane. My brother and I also have a bomb each that were rendered safe as well and were being prepared to be turned into lamps, I also have a ww2 WAAC copper identification bracelet.Thank you in advance
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