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Originally Posted by Pinuz89 View Post
I like your comment, and I agree on most of your tips.

Just few clarification, we were told in the pre-assessment briefing that it's important not to bug immediately the speed chased, but for example, put flap 1 then bug 190; flap 5 then bug 170, ecc.
When I was the PM, my partner asked to bug 170, with flaps in up position. So I said : "Are you sure you don't want 190 ?"
He replied immediately "yes that's correct".

For this reason they put 2 pilots in a cockpit, so it was not for being arrogant, but just to point out the mistake my colleague has done, and viceversa for me, for safety reasons.

For what concerning the sentence I wrote about the money they asked for the assessment, ok, I wrote something dangerous, I needed to let off some steam those days.
But I haven't changed my mind on that, because I'm going into another interview next month, and this company is paying my tickets if I'll catch their airplanes to get there.
And this is way different from Ryr.
And I've never had to pay for a job interview !

Anyway I'm still having some doubts regarding the selection method.
I'm not talking about myself, let say for instace I'm not a good fit for them, I accept that, but what about all the other guys, with multiple experiences, coming from important schools ?
All the people I met, in Simtech during the MCC course, all my flight school mates, and other guys I know, nobody passed (in different periods), and one of them is now working for a flag carrier !
To be fair just few guys got the job, but at least 2 years ago.

It sounds suspicious
Sounds like the call you made regarding flap retraction speeds was the right one so if thats what you meant when saying you gave the PF tips i agree with you - your actions seem OK to me on that front.

So there will be something else which meant that on that day you did not demonstrate all the qualities/attributes/personality traits they were looking for. There are far easier ways for Ryanair to make money than running dodgy assessments so we will have to agree to disagree there :-)

I do agree its pretty rubbish that they charge for the interview..... but its not uncommon in this industry, especially for low hour jobs. I am not saying its right, thats just the world we are in unfortunately.

As someone else mentioned, different airlines look for different things and i also know a few people who have failed the Ryanair assessment and then went on to get great jobs elsewhere, including flag carriers.

My advice would be try to take on as much feedback from this thread as you can into your next interview as even if you think some of the advice is wrong.... think of the consequences if its actually you thats wrong - you wont develop and you wont get a job. So use the experience to get better at assessments and then when you get that job, all job hunting trials and tribulations will be forgotten!!

Good luck in your next interview.

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