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I learned to fly in 1964, at Thruxton. Jackeroo with no electrics, Gosforth(?) tube communication with the instructor, no brakes, swing start, and only lap seatbelts.. The airfield had no ATC, not even lights and the airfield grass had no runways. Probably little change since 1930.
I think the biggest change would be the lack of personal decision making.
Taxi with lookout. Take-off with lookout. Join overhead with lookout and look at signal square. Join circuit with lookout, land with lookout, taxi with lookout and park with marshaller's instructions if applicable.
Also the availability of information, then you had to phone a met number.
We did have to practice cross-wind landings.
But I was not taught the process to contact D&D if lost.
(Look for cop on cycle. Drop note saying "Lost". Follow as he cycles to nearest phonebox, and gets operator to put him through to D&D. Fly in direction he points.)
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