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Originally Posted by C29APRON View Post
Has anyone worked for Rwanda on the A330, and my questions are:
Why is the salary so low?
Whats it like living in Kigali?
How is the roster? average monthly hours.?

I am (as is obvious from above) also interested in going but at the same time don't have first hand info. That said, I have a friend in Kigali whos been there for a couple of years, working as a teacher. He likes it. It is safer than most cities on the continent. It is however relatively sleepy compared to other cities he says. Also, it is pretty expensive for foreigners so expect the housing allowance to be used in full, also western comfort foods and the like is very expensive. Were talking 8-10 Euros for, say, a tube of Pringles.

Id say that the salaries are low as Rwanda as a whole, however amazing their progress is since the mass killings two decades ago, is still a very poor country that is highly dependent on foreign aid. They pay what they can afford.
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