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Netjets Europe/Vistajet Gateways

Hi everyone, first of all sorry if this is in the wrong place its my first post on this forum so not sure if it is.
I was just wondering about the gateway system used by NJE and Vistajet and how this works in regards to a pilot being able to change gateways?
I was thinking of applying to them but was wondering how often if would be possible to change your gateway airport as I may have to move a bit due to family.
Is it the same as an airlines base where you stay there for at least a year really or can you change whenever needed and whenever your willing to relocate?

My other question was in regards to moving I know both of these companies have worldwide operations and was wondering if I had to move to Australia due to family once again
would it be possible to swap to a division down there even if it meant changing licence authorities?

Apologies if these are two really stupid questions.

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