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Originally Posted by B2N2 View Post

If you look at the STAR they flew, two waypoints required a height of 6000’ and 7000’ respectively and both required a speed of 240kts which depending on weight would usually be “Flaps 1” which is leading edge slats only.
The plane must have been pretty light to climb directly to FL400 out of MIA. I think most of us would fly 240 knots clean in a B-763 even at max landing weight.

Which STAR did they fly with GILLL in it?

Did they fly the LINKK ONE GIRLY TRANSITION? The next waypoint after GILLL has a 210 knot speed constraint, they were taken off the STAR on vectors but maybe the call was made for flaps 1 in anticipation of slowing with some stall margin for the bumps.
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