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The CASA job description via KP says it all, another below read “bulk recruiting.”

The convoluted and verbose CASA personnel advertisement is excruciatingly childlike in it’s misguided attempt to make what should be a serious job of work into some sort of adventure in the CASA playground of thought bubbles and fantastic ‘outcomes.’ With super up to approx $163,000 pa, for a “non-ongoing” position with possible extension. The giveaway to the whole CASA modus operandi is that the program is “long term.”

It seems that CASA has money to burn, are they getting set for an advantageous change of Minister? Knowing unlikely he’ll chop them back because the majority of Canberrans vote Labor, bread and butter. Or perhaps to kid Mr. Albanese along as they successfully did the last time he was Minister with a bunch of safety necessary (exciting?) programs that needed another 200 employees? That necessitated a one off, only for four years, increase in aviation fuel levies that was estimated to yield $89.9 million. Next Minister Nat leader Warren Truss, neatly rolled (more probably didn’t notice) that one on into general revenue and its still there today, sucking life blood away from aviation into the bloated and steadily growing numbers in Can’tberra, population with Queanbeyan as per Gov stats 449,000, up from 380,000 just a handful of years ago.

Isn’t the computer age wonderful? Everything is so accessible, easy to use and we need far less people doing mundane paperwork in taxpayer provided bureaucrat factories.

So bulk exciting!
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