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You nailed it, OB. One obsession at a time! There are so many turkeys in Washington that I think I can wait to see who gets in next before I go mad. No sense just blazing away at the whole flock, is there?

If you like guessing, OB, let us know what you think Trump will say when Julian Assange ends up in the States and starts playing "Let's Make a Deal" with the prosecutors. Want to bet he starts to blab about all of what happened in this three-way between WikiLeaks, the Russians, and the Trump campaign if it is a matter of spending less than the rest of his life in a Supermax by doing that?

Trump was happy to take Assange at his word when it came to what he passed along about the Democrats, so let's see how he feels about everything Assange forgot to talk about then, Trump and the Republicans.

When you think about it, isn't it remarkable that WikiLeaks furnished a flood of information about one side, but nothing about the other side? Not so much remarkable that what they told then was one-sided, just that they must also have dirt on Trump and his Republicans that might come out now that he's going to be brought back to be put on trial. I just do not see Trump looking at that as such a good thing, Assange's rat-like survival instincts kicking in. If Cohen was such a disappointment to Trump, how should Assange work out?
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