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commerical pilot with stuttering

Hello everyone, I am new on this PPRuNe Forum,
I am living in Germany and I graduated from a University with a major in Aircraft Technology. I want to become a pilot but I have a speech disorder (stuttering). I can speak three languages and in one language I am really fluent (I did a speech therapy) but in English I am fluent as well but not as much as I am in Turkish. I want to start with my pilot training in the USA. And I read that there is a SODA (Statement of Demonstrated Ability) at the FAA.

And I read something that if someone who has a speech disorder like stuttering puts an Pilot Headset on and then he wouldn't stutter anymore because of the sidetone is that true? And I think as long as I am fluent over the Radio then there shouldn't be a problem to become a pilot? Is here anyone who knows a pilot with a stutter or are here any commerical pilots with a speech problem (especially stuttering).

Thank you in Advance.
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