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Geriaviator, thank you for the Freeman Dyson link, now stored as a pdf on my PC for reading at leisure. I agree that it would have made a great discussion piece for the brevet thread (or still could for that matter?). As it is we have a couple of posters (one a son of a Czech pilot) telling of the dramatic consequences of the 1938 Munich Agreement on those serving in the Czechoslovak Armed Forces and of the odyssey that led many of them in turn to France and thence England. Reports of the thread's demise are it seems greatly exaggerated.

The OP picture of the utter contrast between a prop driven gate guardian and a gleaming white delta jet overhead belies any possible connection other than sharing the same manufacturer. That a mere eleven years separates their first flights reminds us of the dramatic technical advances made in those dangerous years. That there was a natural segue between the two is more one of tactics than design. Bomber losses were aggravated by flying too slow and two low. The jet turbine rather than junking gun turrets was the answer. 50 mph was never going to be enough, and those b*st*rds at Group would for sure have traded it for more load or range!
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