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Sandy Reith
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KP, when your living is being destroyed for no good reason go quietly or fight back.

Quote Glen “I have made repeated attempts to contact the Board and discuss my concerns. Those appeals to the Board have been completely ignored,..”
Many others have tried to engage respectfully with the Board and the (fatuously titled) Director of Air Safety. Hundreds have expended untold hours writing submissions, emails and letters to the powers that be. More thousands of GA professionals have burnt the midnight oil for months and months on end, unpaid, simply to satisfy the never ending CASA regulatory changes. These changes have made more paperwork and do nothing for safety, but do make GA business less profitable.
Numerous government inquiries, such as the much vaunted Forsyth report, have been consigned to the rubbish bin.
KP I fear your idea to listen to CASA’s reasons for their incompetence will be a waste of time. Unfortunately we are way past what one would consider fair, rational and normal discussions or negotiations.
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