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Kulwin Park
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Hi Glen, I think you have great intentions in what message you want to deliver to CASA. However, after reading your story, and having a few moments to absorb it in, I believe that you have gone on the ATTACK, and not going in as someone WILLING TO LISTEN.
What I mean by that is that every point has been negative about CASA, and you haven't even said something positive about any direction they're going. They must have done something you like, or a training plan that has been implented but not followed through that would've been ideal?
I find the only way to get meetings through letters is present your arguments in a way that they'll consider listening. Also document in your letter that you have proposals that may revolutionize the way they do business within GA, and regulations could be adapted to suit GA owner/operators.
There's so much to say, but I believe that you're going about it the wrong way.......... Am I only the only one to think so too?
Cheers KP
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