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Sandy Reith
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Support for Glen

I support Glen and would add my experiences of General Aviation, 53 years, variously as private aircraft and airport owner, and previously as Chief Pilot and Chief Flying Instructor. Still private flying but my life’s career was my own business in charter, flying training and scheduled services.

I testify to the main premise which is that GA is being throttled by an extremely detrimental and unnecessary regulatory and administrative regime. This has cost Australia dearly in aviation jobs, businesses and services over the last thirty years.

Overall safety has suffered greatly through loss of experienced personnel and lack of innovation, innovations in equipment and management due to the most stifling, hidebound, legalistic and fear engendering regime that could be invented. That this could happen in what is supposed to be a free country is shameful.

Every attempt to engage with those who might cause reform is worthwhile, but it is only Parliament that can or will alter the current trajectory, therefore the hard yards will be to convince MPs that they must make changes.
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