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Originally Posted by Bob Viking View Post
I can’t quote ranges for a Vulcan cannon.
I can. Cease fire at 2200' slant range on low angle strafe (5-15 degrees). This will give you a minimum ground clearance of 75' if shallow and fast (worst case: 5 degrees and 500KTS).

By the way, the marks on the Dutch F-16 looks more like marks from either a faulty gun system (misaligned) or faulty ammo (slow burner that is hit from behind by next round). We have seen those marks quite some time after we started to use hi velocity rounds in our F-16's.

Look at the position of the damage the pictures in this article:

Perfectly aligned with the gun....

So yes, it shot itself, but it was not due to pilot error or some type of warp speed dive.

PS. In our fleet at least, you will be able to find more 3 jets with patches in this region due to similar incidents. I only recall on where the projectile or some of it made it all the way into the cockpit. To out some electrical panels next to the throttle.
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