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Interestingly, Avro put a suggestion to the Air Ministry towards the end of the War. They suggested that, given the evidence of the Mosquito, flying higher and faster would significantly reduce bomber losses, and the way to do that with the Lancaster was to remove the gun turrets and not have any gunners on board. They calculated that the increase in height and speed gained by the Lanc would outweigh losses caused by not seeing night fighters and casualties would be reduced. This was turned down, because as the aircrew said, the b*st*rds at Group would use the weight saving to carry a heavier bomb load and more fuel thereby increasing casualties. It should be noted that the Vulcan is almost a jet version of the Lanc, flying much higher and faster but not needing the guns. The crew is the same, but with the Co-pilot reinstated vice the FE; the Bomb Aimer using H2S radar (as the pathfinder bomb-aimers often did) renamed the Radar Nav, and the Wireless Operator now controlling ECM as well and therefore called the Air Electronics Officer.
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