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I know your pain and can commiserate. Been there, had that. Written to many, Boards , CEOs and etc ...WAWOFTAM.!
Join the call for a Royal Commission or Judicial Inquiry, so we the victims... and there are many, of the obscene bureaucratic buggery by CAsA ....can be heard.
Its long past time that CAsA's shitty nappies should be hung on the public line for all to see.
UNTIL there is a major trauma for CAsA and the truth is out, we are just pushing it uphill

Perhaps we should have a nation-wide boycott and publicise the fact.
THAT this industry has no trust and respect for CAsA, its managemant and its Ministers..therefore.....
All aviators and businesses IF they unified and just ignored CAsA completely, there would be an effect.
Ignore letters and calls , deny visits, close yr doors to the the venal visitors. Just get on with the normal things yr business does.
Difficult I know but it could be done. Better to do something legit than have to break the law like they do.
AOPA? B Morgan , K Cannane and others?..How about a full page ad in 'The Australian'

" If justice is not given to the citizens by Governments, and swiftly, then anarchy will prevail." B Franklin
I fell extremely anarchic....and so do many others.
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