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Originally Posted by meleagertoo View Post
While not wishing to cast any aspersions on Henderson I think your confidence in experienced ferry pilots may be somewhat misplaced.
Ferrying, especially in singles, is a pretty high-risk business and right out on the edge of what most aviation safety thinking considers acceptable and in many cases goes way beyond that. Ferry pilots are by nature chancers, risk takers. That is as necessary for their job as it is in a fighter pilot, but are most definately not desireable traits in public transport operation.

That's not to say they can't operate public transport safely, just a pointer towards a ferry pilot's inclination with regard to risk compared to the norm.

Why on earth would anyone choose a ferrry pilot to fly their pax when there are so many experianced air-taxi pilots out there?
Interesting take - I'll be sure to let the several Captains that I know who fly 747s, widebodies, etc and who also ferry singles worldwide for fun that they have unacceptable and undesirable traits for airline ops.

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