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Australian small business V CASA

Good afternoon, my name is Glen Buckley, the CEO of the Australian Pilot Training Alliance. I live at 36 Essex Road in Mount Waverley,and absolutely stand 100% behind everything I will shortly be writing on here. My story is long and detailed, but it is the correct forum. What I am writing will be in the public interest. I will return over this weekend, and commence outlining my situation.

I have written to the CASA Board on multiple occasions, and those appeals have been completely ignored, so here I am.

I have written to the CASA Board and advised them of the following

To the Board of Directors of CASA, my name is Glen Buckley, the CEO of the Australian Pilot Training Alliance ARN 759217. I am obliged to formally advise you that as the CASA Approved CEO of APTA I have lost all trust and confidence in CASA. I do not take the decision lightly and it is a well-considered decision. I appreciate that operational matters such as this, are outside your remit, but the reasons for this decision must be bought to the attention of the Board. Could you please advise Mr Shane Carmody, so that he can arrange for guidance on the procedure to be followed in such matters.

I have made repeated attempts to contact the Board and discuss my concerns. Those appeals to the Board have been completely ignored, hence my options for an internal resolution are fading quickly. With the recent Royal Banking Commission inquiry, we know what happens once a Board loses control over the ethics and good governance of an organisation. I will clearly demonstrate how CASA bought harm to me, my Business, my valued and highly professional staff, and Members. CASA actions were never based on safety concerns, and there were no regulatory breaches.

Personnel such as Mr xxx, Mr xxxx, And Mr xxxxx have been complicit in this behaviour, and it extends to

A blatant disregard for CASAs own Regulatory Philosophy
A blatant disregard for the PGPA Act, and gross wasting of taxpayer funds and resources
Breaches of CASA own Enforcement Manual
Technical incompetence on behalf of those personnel mentioned previously
Motivations by certain personnel within CASA that are not based on safety or regulatory compliance
False audit results/blatant untruths etc My assertions are well documented and supported.

The sending of this email coincides with me mounting a significant and very public campaign to highlight the culture that exists within the Organisation. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the Minister, the Honourable Mr McCormack, and it is in fact he, who is ultimately accountable, and will be held accountable publicly.

Multiple attempts to contact him over a protracted period have also been completely ignored. I am advising that I will be forwarding a copy of this document to him, and also to the Honourable Mr Barnaby Joyce who has the confidence and trust of the Aviation sector generally. I am able to meet with any two Members of the Board at the same time at any location in Australia over the next 7 days, if required. At that meeting I would require 90 minutes to present the facts to you. Respectfully

Glen Buckley

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