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Originally Posted by Capt Fathom View Post
Some comments have be made re operations into an airport captured on video with Ďallegedí less than ideal weather conditions... as judged by the viewer!

This throws up an absolute minefield, with a camera focused in one direction verses a pilots view of the overall field.

While these cameras have great benefits, it seems there could also be a downside.
In the situation above, it was a pilot onsite that mentioned to me about an aircraft landing in abhorrent conditions, so I screen captured for discussion purposes and posted it, with a de-identified aircraft type.

However you do raise a good point that they could be used for evil, however any authority would be hard pressed to achieve a successful conviction based on any of these images alone, unless there was a witness on-site. Lord Howe would be an interesting one in that regard because the height of those mountains is well known in reference to the minimas, and those 8 or so camera angles on-site wonít miss much.

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