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The fast charge period is to an absolute point, not a relative one. It isn't that it takes 30% to put in 60% of the charge (to use the Tesla 3 example) - it's that you can charge at a higher rate UNTIL you get to 80%* charge and after that you have to drop down to the standard charge rate (which is very slow for that part of the charge anyway). So using fast-charging you can only ever get to 80% charge, That means that the 40 mins at economy cruise becomes only 32 minutes, and even with only a 20 minute reserve that gives 12 minute flights.

And even THAT is over-stating it because we've assumed the whole flight is at economy cruise - no take-off or climb, and of course no taxiing. Is that useful?


* Most academic sources suggest that this is actually 60% rather than 80% unless you are happy to accept a reduced battery life
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