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Originally Posted by PDR1 View Post
Is an aeroplane with less than 40 minute no-reserves max endurance, after which it needs a few hours to recharge, actually useful for anything? What am I missing?
Most Beaver flights at Harbour Air are 15-30 minutes long.

Maybe Harbour Air could obtain a waiver for the 30 minutes reserve requirement down to 20 min like helicopters, especially considering that the hydroplane in this case is always over the water and can land at any time anywhere. So then 40 minutes no-reserves would work for many of their Beaver routes.

Recharge time should be less than an hour if the reserve has not been used (example: Tesla Model 3 is only 30 minutes charge time from 20% to 80% on a Supercharger, and Porsche Taycan claims twice as fast).
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