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wireless or bluetooth speakers

I have been tasked with playing a bit of background music at a do some way from home. Being aware of the option to stream music from a mobile phone and play music through wireless speakers I thought that might be the way to go. It minimises the amount of stuff I need to cart to the location but......

My first option seemed to be a Sonos Wireless speaker system. It connects to a WiFi hub and the sound quality is OK. The units are not too big. Sonos tell me that the system requires a robust internet connection to work. I don't understand why. They could not explain what it does on the WWW while shifting music files from one side of the room to the other.

The broadband options at the venue are limited. I can get the files I want to play onto a smart phone, it can communicate by WiFi, the speakers connect by WiFi so what is the problem? I have a camera which connects to my phone, by WiFi, which allows full control of the camera activity and streams hi res video and sound over the link. Surely streaming a bit of sound the other way should not be a problem.

What other options are there that sound reasonable, don't cost the earth, don't need Pickfords to transport and can play MP3 files?

Anyone, please.

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