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Originally Posted by Gligg View Post
In a 40+ year flying career, an incident or accident can happen at any time - the odds that somebody’s ‘Sully’ moment strikes in the first year or two of gaining those first couple of thousand hours is relatively low. While that is a good thing, it can also cloud the argument over the value of experience.
The absence of the said event does not validate that experience is not relevant.
The industry cannot measure something that hasn't happened, thus, the lowering of experience minimums is based wholly on the absence of sufficient events, the assumption that statistically it will not happen (because it has not) and continued pressure to reduce labour unit cost.

Ultimately, faced with serious surgery how many can honestly say the age and experience of the surgeon does not matter?

Dealing with a broken aircraft in flight can never be replicated in a simulator.
Pilots in a simulator know the worst thing that happens is the simulator is reset and maybe some additional training.
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