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Originally Posted by ChickenHouse View Post

Do you really believe in any permissions needed or applicable?
It doesn't say (nor did I) that any permissions are needed. But being busy and so close to Germany's largest international airport, Egelsbach has one of the longest sections in the German AIP VFR (longer than most towered airports), which includes precise procedures as to how and where approaches and departures must be flown. It has nothing to do with beliefs.

If you have read the other thread then you will have seen that I have linked to the Charts, which also include all textual descriptions for the procedures for approaches and departures to and from Egelsbach. Just take a look. I've flown there, I know how it works. In recent years the procedures have been somewhat relaxed, there are now no longer mandatory reporting points (as far as I know, EDFE was the only untowered airfield in Germany to have those), and it was technically inside Frankfurt CTR during the day. That is no longer the case, instead it is now an ATZ/RMZ/TMZ (aerodrome traffic zone, radio mandatory zone, transponder mandataory zone), but the approach and departure routes still apply and must be followed, unless an exception has been granted by Egelsbach INFO explicitly.

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