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Originally Posted by atakacs View Post
I am not saying it is necessarily of relevance here but what is the upshot of flying such an aircraft vs, say, a PC12.
Clearly she could afford it...
The answer is quite simple: speed.

The Epic has basically the same engine as the PC12, but is more than a tonne lighter, and it goes some 50 knots or so faster. It is possibly the fastest single-engine turboprop around, faster even than a TBM.

Since it is an experimental, costs are probably also a lot lower; just because you are rich doesn't meant you are not trying to save money.

FYI, Egelsbach is the untowered exectuve airfield close to Frankfurt. It's where you go if you are not an airliner or a larger business jet, and want to go to Frankfurt. Jets up to 20 t are permitted with prior permission.

There are special procedures for turboprops and jets, and since the Frankfurt Class C (the most restrictive airspace in Germany, comparable to Class B in the US) is only 1100 ft AGL, and the Class D (CTR) is quite close, it is "easy" to infringe if you are going fast. Possibly a factor if the stories about avoiding a missed approach and circling instead turn out to be true.

The airport website has copies of the VFR charts.


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