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Or this one just published.

For Immediate Release - April 1st 2019

Pipistrel ALPHA Electro completes 24 hour flight on a single charge!

The Pipistrel ALPHA Electro aircraft has successfully smashed the world endurance record for electric aircraft by completing it's first 24-hour flight on a single charge!

Pipistrel engineers have recently tested different fuel cells and generator units to supplement the ALPHA Electro's current 1-hour range.

Hugh improvements in electrical generation have unfolded with the recent (2016) re-discovery of Kryptonite in Northern Siberia and under the stepped Pyramid in Egypt.

Kryptonite in its purest form is just amazing, a true MARVEL producing almost unlimited amounts of perfect DC energy, ideal for powering an electric aircraft noted a leading Pipistrel engineer, Prof D.C. Currant.

Prof Currant explains, that less than 1 teaspoon of kryptonite mixed with a catalyst of egg whites and Coke Zero can product almost unlimited energy with the only bye product being a bad tasting, dark brown, scrambled egg type mix that can be fed to animals (and men) to keep them warm in winter.

Guinness book of world record officials were in attendance for this world first event and described this as a 'giant leap for mankind' moment!

More information will follow....
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