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Originally Posted by tdracer View Post
Agreed - Vettel's car simply snaps sideways - much like it did a few times last year. I wonder if there is something about the Ferrari that when it gets a bit too much yaw it loses most of the downforce on the rear.
There is a view that the Ferrari aero concept, while giving good balance and straight line speed, limits the overall downforce from the mid-floor into the diffuser (which is why they need those huge bargeboards). We know the Mercedes must be giving more downforce because they clearly have higher drag (as witnessed by the lower top speeds) and have traded drag for downforce. This suggests that the Merc can pull more lateral G on good tyres in medium/high speed cornering than the Ferrari, and Seb just ran out of grip trying to stay with Lewis. We may find this tactic being repeated through the season. But Lewis was also being very intelligent in watching flags to give him wind data, so he knew that on that particular lap there was a strong headwind which allowed him to brake later and harder. Knowing exactly hom much later and how much harder is just raw talent, of course.

Tell you what though, Lewis has been living right the last couple years - he's had pretty amazing racing luck with a few races falling in his lap. Also really impressed by the Mercedes reliability - I honestly can't recall the last time Lewis or Bottas dropped out with mechanical issues.
Both DNF'd in Austria last year with engine and gearbox problems.

Lewis was reporting "clunky downshifts" for the last couple of laps before the safety car yesterday, so the car isn't bulletproof.

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