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Thank you for your reply being very honest.

I didn't expect it to be glamorous to be honest, its not really what I look for in a job, job satisfaction is one of the key points as like I said, I get bored easily which is why I think smaller aircraft and more remote flying would suit me better. I have a trail lesson booked for next week and as you suggested I will go ahead with my PPL and see how I go from there.

I don't think it sounds cool or fun and its something I had not thought of doing before. I think it could be interesting and challenging. I recently was working in a very remote place and they had pilots there that worked on twin otters, dash 7 and the bazler BT-67 and i never knew about this side of aviation before. I figured pilots flew large aircraft's from airport to airport and if you flew remote you had to be in the forces or something, naive I know but I never really thought about it.

What are the major difficulties in becoming a pilot?

Thank again

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