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Originally Posted by downwind View Post
Some murmuring a I hear within the industry from some peope in GA trying to get into the likes of Qantas link who have the hours are being turned down at the interview stage. After the turn away from the qf group some I understand are going to the USA to work in the regionals??? So it begs the question is their really a shortage of skilled people in Australia if this is the case?
I don't believe there is a driver shortage as such, there is more like a shortage of drivers that the Airlines want considering all their hairy fairy crap they desire, not who can do the job, big difference there !

EG: One of my F/O's on the jet we fly who is a good operator, around 30 yrs of age, knows his stuff pretty well & will one day make a good Capt when he gets the ATPL hours etc....BUT he can't get a look in at the Majors, he's tried but to no avail? Nope no shortage !
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