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Funding advice and training advice


I am 34 in a week, from the UK and want to train to be a commercial pilot. I have worked in other careers in the past but nothing I have done has given me enough job satisfaction and I end up doing something else. I have worked in hospitality, as a hairdresser and as an outdoor education instructor (which I have a degree in). I do enjoy Outdoor ed but the pay is terrible, you would be lucky to earn 24k a year in a well paid job. I love travel and have been traveling for about 5 years now.
I worry that if I became a pilot I would get bored of it or would the job keep me interested? I would like to fly smaller aircraft's (such as the twin otter) as I would like to fly in more remote places.

Also i worry about funding. I have some savings at the moment (35000 GBP) but the modular training costs between 50-60k.Is it best to wait until I have all the funding before I start training in case I can not finish due to lack of funds or is it a good idea to get a loan for the last 20k or so? I would rather not wait another couple of years to save the extra money as I will be 36 before I start training. Also is it difficult to find a job as a new pilot? If I did get a loan I would need to start paying it back quite quickly so would need a job.

I wondered about becoming a flight instructor but I see its still more money than I have saved to do this so I am a bit stuck on what to do.

Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you

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